Photograhpy and media coverage


At the Scottish Enduro Series (SES)  we strive to make all our events as media friendly as possible. Enduro can be a challenging discipline to cover, often taking place in remote locations with races covering large distances, sometimes over a number of days. With this in mind, the following guidelines should help explain how media works at our events.


Course Access

The SES endeavour to make our races accessible and media friendly – however, our main priority always has and always will be rider safety.


  • Media must wear a high-vis jacket or bib when trackside


  • Media must follow the rules regarding track safety set out by SES and follow the instructions of marshals and race officials at all times

  • Some events may allow select media to ride on the track at designated times but this is decided on an event by event basis - never ride on the track without explicit permission from the event organisers

  • At events where media are allowed on track, media must display a media plate on their bike provided by the event organisers

  • Anyone who is seen to jeopardise rider or spectator safety or interfere with the race in any way may be asked to leave the event, as well as incur a ban from attending future SES events

  • We ask that all media respect the racers and stay off the course at all times



SES retains the sole permission for drone flying at our events. Should you wish to fly a drone at an SES event, we may be able to provide special dispensation, depending on the circumstances and our own production plans. Please contact us at if you would like to submit an application. 


If you have any questions about covering an SES event or need any more details about the information on this page then please email