Get an EWS RaceLabs race plate when you enter all three SES rounds

Racers who enter all three rounds of the Scottish Enduro Series (SES) will receive their own EWS RaceLabs Race Plate at the start of the season in Nevis Range.

There are few bigger moments in your two-wheeled year than when it comes to attaching a number plate to your bike. With the RaceLabs Race Plate that moment just got a lot better! It’s a product which has been shaped by countless hours spent between the tapes of the Enduro World Series alongside feedback from professional racers, emergency medical staff and mountain rescue specialists from all over the world.

Benefits of the RaceLabs Race Plate:

  • Clean, professional look - no more butchered number plates

  • Designed to dramatically reduce cable fouling - no rattles, no tugging

  • Carries all your medical information to ensure that you get the care you need, when you need it, anywhere in the world. A clearly visible tab allows first responders instant access to your information

  • Honed over three years of testing, weight is a scant 56g with the RaceLabs Race Plate offering a dramatically reduced frontal area compared with a traditional number plate

  • Two bolt ‘soft’ mounting system eliminates damage to your handlebars

  • The mount is manufactured from a soft, unbreakable recycled rubber material

  • Accommodates both the new generation of sticker number plates as well as traditional plastic number plates

  • Sustainably produced from 100% recycled plastics, in Scotland

  • Fits all bikes XC, DH, Enduro and is the the only solution for single crown fork bikes

Read more about the RaceLabs race plates on the Enduro World Series website.