race Categories

We've introduced new SES race categories to make the sport more inclusive for anyone who wants to take part, yet still retaining the competitive edge for those who are aiming for a podium.


These new categories include kids racing, youth categories, team options and e-bike races. 2022 will also see the introduction of coaching opportunities and ride outs.


2 - 16 year olds

Balance Buddies (2 - 5 years old)

A mellow non-competitive event for tots on balance bikes and first pedal bikes. Maximum fun, a great atmosphere and easy access to all the amenities their parents/carers will need.

Groms (5 - 8 year olds)

The Groms will get the chance to ride one of the SES KIDS enduro stages, on a solo time trial. It's all about having fun and getting your time in a non-competitive race environment. 

A mountain bike with minimum 20" wheels is required. 

Shred Squad (7 - 12 year olds)

The Shred Squad will ride two SES KIDS stages! Like the Groms, this is all about having fun and getting your time in a non-competitive race environment. 

A mountain bike with both front and rear brakes is required. 

Rookies (9-16 years old)

As the stepping stone from SES KIDS to the main SES races, this category is where the serious fun starts for competent junior riders as they race 3 stages. This is a competitive event, a taste of what a real enduro race is like. Get your times, have fun and be in with the chance of winning some prizes.

A mountain bike with front suspension and two working brakes is required.


Youth (DOB 2006 - 2009*)

Open (16+)

A shorter enduro course than the SES 100. The ideal starting point for teenagers who want a taste of the race experience, or for adults who want to dip their toes into racing. Perfect young shredders, first-timers and parents who want to ride with their teen children.

* See additional information below on 2008/2009 DOB riders.

SES 100

U21 (DOB 2002 - 2005)

SES 100 (21-34)

Masters (35+)

Veterans (45+)

The full SES race with EWS Qualifying points up for grabs at applicable races.


EWS Global Rankings or by request

To qualify for this category, riders must have existing EWS Global Ranking points, or can request to race at the pro level.


3 riders (mixed, 16+)

Race the full SES 100 with two friends of any age or gender. Get a collective time and a shot at the team podium (you will also receive an individual time, but this won't be included in the individual standings/podiums)

NEW SES E-bike

E-bike (17-34)

E-bike masters (35+)

The new SES E-bike race, including signature power stage. One battery required.

* SES 80 riders with 2008-2009 DOB

The Scottish Enduro Series has made the decision to remove the vetting process in the UADE SES80. Therefore, parents and legal guardians must both understand and agree that the race is for experienced riders only, and under aged riders should only be entered if they are extremely confident and capable of racing at that level.

For less experienced/confident riders, we would highly recommend our SES-KIDS. This offers young riders the opportunity to experience the race, but at a less advanced level, racing on dedicated trails that suit our younger riders and encourage confidence building skills for those new to the sport.

Expert level 13-14 year olds (DOB 2008-2009) can enter the SES 80 category under the following circumstances:

  • A parent or legal guardian has granted permission and is comfortable that the rider can race on the relevant trail technicality

  • A parent or legal guardian must stay on-site while the rider is on course

  • Training day - it's highly recommended that riders take advantage of the opportunity to practice. 

Coaching and ride outs

We will be running coaching, ride outs and other cool mtb stuff at our events. 

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